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Announcing Exclusive Partnership Between TPS TECH America and Jiangsu DDBS Environment Remediation Co., LTD for Commercialization of GTR and C3 Technologies in the People's Republic of China

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April 16, 2014

TPS TECH America and Jiangsu DDBS Environment Remediation Co., LTD announced an exclusive partnership and intellectual property licensing agreement allowing the companies to expand two innovative environmental remediation technologies - Gas Thermal Remediation (GTR) and Compression Cooling Condensation (C3 Technology) - in the Peoples Republic of China.  The agreement is the continuation of a nearly two year business relationship between the companies to deliver world-class technologies to clients and governments in China.

"Our agreement with Jiangsu DDBS shows what can be accomplished when companies share ideas, technologies and expertise," said Carol Winell, President of TPS TECH America. "We have already completed one project with DDBS near Suzhou, and are impressed with the process and results of the team effort to date."  

"Today’s announcement builds on our history of collaborating to bring new technologies to market. The relationship between Jiangsu DDBS and TPS TECH America continues to help DDBS deliver reliable and final results to customers looking for the best technology to meet their soil and groundwater remediation needs," said insert name and title at Jiangsu DDBS.

Through this arrangement, TPS TECH America agreed to form an exclusive partnership with Jiangsu DDBS to commercialize its in situ thermal remediation, ex situ thermal desorption, and advanced off-gas treatment technologies. Under the terms of the agreement, the companies will jointly manage and implement environmental remediation projects throughout the Peoples Republic of China.  With their first Benzene and Chlorobenzene remediation project already successfully completed, the partnership is off to a fast and flourishing start. 

Signed the Agreement

Issued  Letter of Authorization

Introduce GTR and C3 Technology

Introduce GTR and C3 Technology

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Discussions and Exchange

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